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Jul 11, 2013 As far as I am aware, it is considered best to translate proper nouns, such as names of organizations, only when the entity in question uses a translated nametitle, for example on the website or in publications thereof. If there is no indication of an English version of the name ever being used, would it be best to write:Index Termstranslation studies, proper names, domestication, Japanese, semantics I. INTRODUCTION Rendering of proper names in a translational context may be considered a simple and automatic process that only involves minor phonological adjustments. It should indeed be the case if the meaning of a name is only its referent. translation of proper names theory

The primary thesis of the dissertation is that, contrary to. popular views, the translation of proper names is a non. trivial question, closely related to the problem of the. meaning of the proper name.

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Proper names tend to have 1to1 correspondences in the languages that come in contact. The paradox of rendering proper names is that the word translation in its most commonplace meaning is not applicable if we apply in proper names traditional principle of equivalence.

Proper names: the Description Theory 43. trueinfiction, that Holmes lives at Baker Street or whatever. (NB: if it were true that Holmes lived in Baker Street, then it would be true of Baker Street, a real place to this day, that it had had Holmes living in it.

Mar 05, 2011 In general, I think that proper names should be left in the source language with a translation or explanation of the name in square brackets after it. A web search will, usually, quickly show whether the body in question has a prefered translation of its name.

above, and being a practitioner interested in the translation of Arabic proper names in birth, marriage, passport and other personal documents myself, I am tempted to adopt a foreignising approach to translation. In other words, any translation of Arabic proper names would be

Humor theory and translation research: Proper names in humorous discourse ELENI ANTONOPOULOU Abstract This paperreports the resultsof comparing source andtarget text jabs (from Raymond Chandlers novels translated into Greek) involving allusive Proper Names, with a view to accounting for the contribution of this grammatical category to humorous eect.

Oct 01, 2009 I was wondering what the most popular trend is in this regard, whether when translating from Spanish to English, leaving proper names in Spanish and add an English translation next to it, or an outright translation of English.

Theory and Typology of Proper Names. Since what is traditionally regarded as 'the' class of names turns out to be only one possible function of nameforms (though a prototypical one), the notion of 'proprial lemma' is introduced as the concept behind both proprial and appellative uses of such categories as place names and personal names.

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Keywords: translation strategy, proper noun, Hafezs lyrics, Vermes model. 1. Introduction. Rendering proper nouns is not certainly a simple task as it can be problematic in the act of translation (Sanaty Pour, 2009); furthermore, translators have to be very careful when they want to translate proper nouns.

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