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On the nature of things (De rerum natura) Translated with an analysis of the six books by H. A. J. Munro Item PreviewWe would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. de rerum natura interlinear translation

The first printed edition of De rerum natura was produced in Brescia, Lombardy, in 1473. Other printed editions followed soon after. Additionally, although only published in 1996, Lucy Hutchinson's translation of De rerum natura was in all likelihood the first in English and was most likely completed some time in the late 1640s or 1650s.

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More: English to English translation of Lucretius Carus (; 99 BC c. 55 BC) was a Roman poet and philosopher. His only known work is the epic philosophical poem De rerum natura about the tenets and philosophy of Epicureanism, and which is usually translated into English as On the Nature of Things.

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