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Need to translate vetus from Latin? Here are 3 possible meanings. Translate: from What does vetus mean in Latin? English Translation. old. More meanings for vetus. old adjective: senex, anus, antiquus, cascus, serus: aged adjective:vetus translation in LatinEnglish dictionary. en A thousand troopers, Tiridates said, would be his escort; what force of every kind was to be with Corbulo, he did not prescribe, provided they came in peaceful fashion, without breastplates and helmets. Any human being, to say nothing of an old and wary general, would have seen through the barbarian's cunning, which assigned a limited vetus latina english translation

The English for the Latin word vetus is old. Q: Whats the Latin word vetus in English? A: old. How do you say the Latin word vetus in English? Old. The Latin word vetus in English vocabulary. Old. vetus, English translation of this Latin word: old. The Latin word vetus in English: old. How to [

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Vulgata Vetus Latina Project aims to produce an online edition of the Latin Vulgate and Vetus Latina (also known as Old Latin Bible or Vetus Itala) with a comprehensive critical apparatus, and a new English translation. We seek to collate and transcribe all extant ancient manuscripts of the Vulgate and Old Latin Bible and publish them available at Vulgate. Net.

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Vetus Latina ( Old Latin in Latin), also known as Vetus Itala ( Old Italian ), Itala ( Italian ) and Old Italic, is the collective name given to the biblical texts in Latin that existed before the Vulgate, the late fourthcentury Latin translation of the Bible that later became the Catholic Church's standard Latin Bible. As the English translation of Vetus Latina is Old Latin , they are also

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