The site of translation is the quizlet

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Apr 03, 2017  The importance of vocabulary review. Quizlet is a digital tool that allows teachers and learners to create digital flashcards with vocabulary items on one side and the definition or translation on the other. The tool generates audio of the word and an image. Learners can then completesite of codon anticodon amino acids attach to the stem at one end of the cloverleaf (hairpin) and on the loop of the opposite end contains the which is a triplet that is complementary to a mRNA codon the site of translation is the quizlet

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The site of translation is the quizlet free

Chapter 12 Microbial Genetics flashcards Quizlet The site is where the tRNA enters with an amino acid, the site is where the tRNA leaves, and the is where the bond is made between amino acids ribosome A E P In order, they are: A draws the Anticodon& Amino Acid P

Nov 14, 2014  Quizlet A Useful Resource for Russian Language Learning! Having recently become a member of Quizlet, I can really recommend it as a language resources app! It is one of the most popular sites for learning languages, and covers almost any subject that you can think of!

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Nov 14, 2008  Answers. Best Answer: its definitely the the ribosome. The ribosome is the protein maker and is all over the rough endoplasmic reticulum. when translation occurs its basically translating the codon (3 base pairs) from RNA to amino acids which are used to show our phenotype! hope it helps so you can understand translation

Small RNA molecules that carry amino acids to the ribosome for polymerization into a polypeptide; During translation the amino acid is inserted into the growing polypeptide chain when the anticodon of the ( ) pairs with a codon on the mRNA being translated. amino acid.

The site of translation inside of a cell is in the ribosome. The site of protein synthesis in plant cells is the ribosome. When the proteins are manufactured, they will be stored in the

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