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The concept that is relevant to this problem is the backstop technology, asetof processes that (1) is capable of meeting the demand requirements and (2) has a virtually innite resource base. (William D. Nordhaus, 1973, pp. ) 1Introduction.Backstop resources. Backstop resources theory states that as a heavily used limited resource becomes expensive, alternative resources will become cheap by comparison, therefore making the alternatives economically viable options. In the long term, the theory implies faith that technological progress will allow backstop resources backstop technology definition

FROM HOTELLING TO BACKSTOP TECHNOLOGY. Amnon Levy. Department of Economics. University of Wollongong. ABSTRACT. Hotellings conceptual framework is expanded to incorporate the effects of a backstop. technology on the planning horizon of the suppliers of an exhaustible resource and its price and. quantity trajectories.

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Jul 24, 2011 Climate Change, Backstop Technology and Thanksgiving There is a whole class of economic models of climate change that reach the conclusion that we can (and, indeed, should) wait with climate protection measures, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions slowly in presence.

Example sentences with Backstop technology , translation memory. This result is achieved through the assumed existence of a backstop technology, or of a sufficiently high elasticity of substitution among the factors of production, or still of an increase in their average productivity over time.

Definition of backstop. plural backstops. 1: something at the back serving as a stop: such as. a: a screen or fence for keeping a ball from leaving the field of play. b: a stop (such as a pawl) that prevents a backward movement (as of a wheel) 2: a player (such

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