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History of Ultrasound. Laugevin invented a hydrophone what the World Congress Ultrasound in Medical Education refers to as the first transducer. 1920s1940s Sonography was used to treat members of European soccer teams as a form of physical therapy, to appease arthritic pain and eczema and to sterilize vaccines,History of Ultrasound. In 1877, Pierre Currie and Jacques Currie, who are brothers, discovered piezoelectricity. The piezoelectric effect is what is used by ultrasound transducers to send and receive sound waves. In 1915, a physicist named Paul Langevin was asked to invent a device that could detect objects at the bottom of the sea. ultrasound technology history timeline

A Brief History Of Ultrasound Medicine. Technology. Web. A Brief History of Ultrasound. Moreover, one can only imagine how ultrasound technology will continue to evolve. Ultrasound was first researched in 1790 when Italian biologist Lozzaro Spallanzani researched how bats were able to maneuver without sight.

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AMode Ultrasound. Amode(Amplitude) is a method of displaying echoes acquired in 1 dimension in which depth is represented along 1 axis and an echo amplitude is displayed along a perpendicular axis. Amode ultrasound equipment was developed to help aid the detection of gallstones Reference: History Timeline. . History Timeline.

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A Brief History Of Ultrasound Technology You might think that ultrasound technology is a fairly recent invention. However, the truth is that the first step toward the making of the first ultrasound machine was taken in 1794, when Italian physiologist Lazzaro Spallanzani first deduced that bats used echolocation for navigating flight.

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