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Science, Technology& Society enhances our understanding of the way in which advances in science and technology influence society and vice versa. Launched in 1996, it is the first truly international journal devoted to the developing world and published from the region.View the most recent ACS Editors' Choice articles from Environmental Science& Technology. See all Environmental Science& Technology ACS Editors' Choice articles. View one new peerreviewed research article from any ACS journal, selected daily, and made open access based on recommendations by ACS journal science technology information journal

Special Issue Special issue is an effective way for researchers to focus on a hot topic for an indepth study. If you have a great topic or idea, you can propose a special issue and you will have the opportunity to be the Lead Guest Editor of the special issue.

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Information Sciences will publish original, innovative and creative research results. A smaller number of timely tutorial and surveying contributions will be published from time to time. The journal is designed to serve researchers, developers, managers, strategic planners, graduate students and others interested in stateofthe art research activities in information

The Journal of Information Science& Technology (JIST) is wholly engaged in supporting these objectives. Editors: Journal of Information Science and Technology. Rahul Singh The University of North Carolina Greensboro, USA

The International Journal of Science and Technology is an international premier peer reviewed open access science and technology journal promoting the and dissemination of basic and transitional knowledge in science, technology and related disciplines.

American Journal of Information Science and Technology (AJIST) is an international, professional, and peer reviewed journal, it creates a unique medium for the publication of new developments and advances in library and information science as well as research findings and, where applicable, their

The Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JAIST) is a peerreviewed academic journal of information science published by WileyBlackwell on behalf of the Association for Information Science and Technology. Occasional special issues appear with all article contents

The Journal of Information Technology Research (JITR) covers novel and emerging research in the field of information science and technology. The journal specifically focuses on underrepresented technologies and trends that influence and engage the knowledge society. Topics include, but are not

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The Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) is a leading international forum for peerreviewed research in information science. For more than half a century, JASIST has provided intellectual leadership by publishing original research that focuses on the

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