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Georgia Tech is a residential campus community with approximately half of all fulltime students living in residential facilities. One of the most important growth opportunities provided by the Institute is the chance to live in a residential community where students are exposed to lifestyles, beliefs, attitudes, and values often much differentRoom selection numbers are used to place students in logical order for the purpose of online selfassignment to a room in Georgia Tech oncampus housing. First, a room selection number is determined by institute class status (senior to freshman) at the end of the fall 2018 semester. georgia institute of technology student housing

We encourage, promote, and facilitate customer focused programs and services which attract students to our facilities and to Georgia Tech. We provide physical, programmatic, and technological systems to enhance the quality of life on campus, to support the academic needs of resident students and to complement the academic goals of the Institute.

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Offering a range of courses to more than 21, 000 undergraduate and graduate students, Georgia Tech is known for its major contributions to technological and scientific research. With satellite campuses in countries like France, Costa Rica, Singapore and China, Georgia Tech also has an international reach.

Georgia Techs two graduate housing facilities 10th and Home and the Graduate Living Center are perfect for graduate students and families looking for the convenience of oncampus housing along with the flexibility of offcampus apartments. Read the Graduate Housing Brochure for oncampus housing

The Georgia Institute of Technology is a leading research university eagerly encouraging and developing the revolutionary technologies of the 21st century. Founded in 1885, Georgia Tech is ranked among the best colleges in America and esteemed for its engineering and business programs on an international level.

Student Housing All Payments Direct to the Bursar's Office. All policies and procedures for fee payments set forth by the Busar's Office will be used by the Housing Office and will remain in effect unless specifically changed by their office.

Students working outside the area will find that most employers offer some level of housing assistance. Such assistance ranges from providing students with a list of apartments in the area to arranging furnished housing and paying for a portion of the expenses.

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FamilyMonthly Housing Rates (Fall 2018 Spring 2019) Type. Rate. Tentative. Halls. Unfurnished Monthly 2 bedroom Student Center; Housing Department Resources. Conference Services; GT Cable Network; Housing Departmental Site; Georgia Tech Directory and Offices. Directory; Offices; Georgia Institute of Technology North Avenue

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