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This service will map a Windows drive in your VCL or computer lab session to any cloud storage spaces you authorize (Box, GoogleDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive). You control what cloud storage services to connect to, if any. To do so, go to kumo. umd. edu and authorize which cloud services you would like to use when using the VCL and computer labsVirtual labs. Virtual labs (virtual laboratories) simulate a virtual operating system, the computer screen, Science laboratories, exploiting the potential offered by modern media technology key feature technical interaction and direct and plausible manipulation of objects and parameters. Virtual information technology virtual laboratory

Virtual Lab provides students with direct access to applications. Students are no longer confined to physical computers located on campus to access applications that are needed for classes. Applications are now available virtually in the Virtual Lab (VL) through Citrix receiver Continued

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Cornell College is piloting a method of virtually deploying software called Remote App. Remote App allows students, faculty, and staff to run College owned software on a personal Windows or Apple laptop.

Virtual Lab does not provide storage space. Files edited with Virtual Lab applications are not backed up by KU and cannot be restored by KU if something happens to them. For assistance on accessing your computer or mobile device storage from Virtual Lab applications, review the Knowledge Base articles under the Support tab on this page.

The Virtual Information Technology Teaching Laboratory uses advanced, innovative virtualisation technology and teaching processes to allow students to gain industriallevel experience with advanced software, servers and operating systems.

MET Virtual Laboratories (VLAB) provide students enrolled in selected oncampus, blended, and online courses with access to all required software. Virtual laboratories are accessible any time for the duration of the course, and from any location. Attention Instructors: Please complete the

The Virtual Measurement Systems Program introduces metrology constructs standard reference computations, uncertainty quantification, and traceability into scientific computation and computerassisted measurement technologies. As with physical measurement systems, development of a virtual

Information Technology Virtual Lab (vLab) Virtual Lab allows faculty, staff and students to access software titles from the computer labs on their personal computers and mobile devices from almost anywhere. Software available on Virtual Lab can be used exactly as if it were installed on a physical computer. Virtual Lab is available

The Information Technology Laboratory (ITL), one of seven research laboratories within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is a globally recognized and trusted source of highquality, independent, and unbiased research and data. ITLs mission, to cultivate trust in

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Please save files either to network storage or to the local drive of the physical machine you use to connect to the virtual lab. Please do not save files to the local disks of the virtual lab machine (disks C and W) you will not be able to retrieve files saved there after you log off. . Preferred locations for saving your work include:

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