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Oct 10, 2018  Find information and resources about assistive technology that can help kids with languagebased learning disabilities become stronger readers and writers. Assistive technology is any device that supports the independence of a person with a disability. Assistive technology can beassistive technology software. assistive technology for reading. examples of assistive technology. assistive technology definition. hearing assistive technology. assistive technologies. assistive technology for children. assistive technology products. list of assistive technology. assistive technology tools. high tech assistive technology assistive technology software for reading

We provide Assistive technology (AT) resources for products, equipment, and systems that enhance learning, working, and daily living for persons with disabilities. Our informational resources are a library of experience and knowledge valuable to meeting the unique needs for persons who can benefit from assistive technology.

Assistive technology software for reading free

Reading& spelling; Writing& organization; We have found the following software programs and assistive devices successful in helping to address the areas that affect dyslexic individuals. These technologies cannot replace direct intervention, but they can augment a therapy program. Training

Assistive technology software offers kids with reading issues a wide range of tools. (And they come in a wide range of prices. ) Explore more assistive technology for kids with reading issues. For a lowtech tool, download some of our free graphic organizers for reading.

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Assistive technology can be very helpful for kids with reading issues. Texttospeech and audiobooks are two examples of reading tools. Reading tools can be used on various devices. Assistive technology (AT) can be a powerful way to help children with reading issues, including kids with

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