Low pressure casting technology

2020-02-22 11:28

The lowpressure casting process proves itself to be predestined for the conversion of exceptionally high quality demands. In lowpressure casting, the furnace is pressurized whereby the molten aluminum is brought into the casting die through the riser tube. The die is filled by slowly climbing, controlled, and above all, constant pressure.Low pressure machine range for the production of complex automotive castings. More detail Italpresse Gauss is a global die casting technology leader offering the highest quality die casting machines, automated work cells and expert support services. low pressure casting technology

Low Pressure Die Casting Systems. The most technically advanced low pressure casting system provides turbulencefree fill through the mold bottom. This system uses the Schaefer Valve for nonturbulent transfer from a continuous Schaefer furnace (melted with utmost efficiency, degassed, filtered, at the exact temperature, at the exact time) supplying the LPCS.

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Lowpressure die casting. Applying pressure of up to max. 1 bar to the furnace pushes the molten metal (usually aluminium, but also magnesium) up through an intake port into the die chamber usually a permanent mould, although sand moulds are also possible. The upward movement of the molten metal is against gravity.

Low Pressure Casting Process. The low pressure casting procedure is very suitable for the production of high quality aluminum wheels sold to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market and for the automotive aftermarket. LMC Technology offers: Innovative casting process, with the purpose to eliminate oxides and inclusions within the castings,

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LMC Technology offers: Modified counter pressure casting procedure, which applies different types of pressure during the feeding and solidification process in order to produce lighter Innovative casting process, with the purpose to eliminate oxides and inclusions within the castings, by

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