Russian technology in syria

2020-02-24 13:50

Russian Secret Weapon Deployed in Syria The technology in question seems similar to the KRET RichagAV system, although it apparently functions on a larger scale. A tactical version of this system was presented to journalists in April 2015.Feb 22, 2018 New Russian stealth fighter spotted in Syria. Russia has regularly used the conflict as a testing ground for its latest military technology and has even credited it for an uptick in arms sales. The Su57, the first operational Russian jet to use stealth technology, has been plagued by cost and time overruns, and analysts said there could be a business rationale behind the deployment. russian technology in syria

Apr 25, 2018  Russia says Syria 'captured' a US missile from the strike and it could be trying to 'embarrass' the US. Instead, the expert says Russia's claim is likely an effort to embarrass the US. Russian state media said on Wednesday that Syria had captured a US Tomahawk cruise missile from the strike on suspected Syrian chemical weapons sites on April 14 and they will study it to advance

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Jan 10, 2018 The Hmeimim base, the heart of Russia's military operations in Syria, is deep in Syriangovernmentheld territory and until now had seemed immune to attack, said Maxim Suchkov of the Russian

Syria civil war: Stateoftheart technology gives President Assads army the edge. No, Russian ground troops are not going to fight Isis. That was never the intention. The Russian air force attacks Isis from the air; the Syrians, the Iranians, the Afghan Shia Muslims from northeastern Afghanistan, the Iraqi Shias and several hundred Pakistani Shias must attack Isis and Jabhat alNusra on the ground.

Oct 06, 2015  The chances of an accident in the skies over Syria look to be increasing, as a map from CBS Evening News shows. Russia started bombing targets in Syria

In the Latakia, Syrian troops under the cover of Russian robots and task success captured the strategic peak 754. 5. Not long ago, the Chief of the Russian General Gerasimov, Russia claims are chemical robots war effort in the near future, the world will be witnessing, military units are robots, independently conduct the battleand the prospect that happened a couple of days.

Russias air force has struck positions held by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Syria from more than 600 miles away using its most modern cruise missile technology. Three large

How Russia is using Syria as a military 'guinea pig Overall, Middle East and North African countries from Egypt to Qatar to Bahrain, Morocco and Tunisia are lining up to purchase Russianmade equipment; this, as Moscow has renewed its regional influence through

Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War. By the end of September 2017, the SOHR stated that Russian airstrikes have killed around 5, 703 civilians, about a quarter of them children, along with 4, 258 ISIL fighters and 3, 893 militants from the AlQaeda affiliate alNusra Front and other rebel forces.

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Oct 08, 2015  Until September 2015, Russia has been supporting Assad by supplying arms and training to Syrian forces. Bolstered by what it sees as Western indecisiveness on a Syria solution and by the Wests inaction on Russias military intervention in the Ukraine, Russia has decided to provide direct military air support to Syria.

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