Mbbr technology disadvantages

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Apr 24, 2017 Disadvantages: The fixed film media tends to wash out of the systems over time, even after installing the various strainer systems that are offered by the manufacturers. I have had some engineering firms me tell me flat out that they would not design an MBBR system because of this.Aug 10, 2016 MBBR or Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor system is a stateoftheart process of purifying wastewater by using a specialized biological technology process. This treatment can be utilized for both municipal and industrial sectors for nitrification, BOD removal, and purification of water. mbbr technology disadvantages

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this technology is very flexible in plant conduction: in pure biofilm reactors, the filling degree can be varied according to process requirements, in hybrid reactors also sludge recirculation rate can be varied. Table 1 Characteristics of carriers for MBBR produced by AnoxKaldnesTM Company. Carriers in use

May 16, 2008 Basically, the MBBR was adopted to take care of some of the disadvantages in SAFF, FAB or ASP processes like Aesthaetics, compact area, lower power consumption, fluctuating flow rate, addition of modules for upgradation and mobility. These are strong points ofthe MBBR vis a vis other two technologies.

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MBBR provides advantages of Activated Sludge and Trickling Filter systems without their disadvantages. MBBR is one of the most documented processes with many technical publications and presentations. MBBR Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor. No problems with odors, snails or redworms as in air phase fixed films.

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