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Jini by Example Jini Overview. The Jini technology makes a network more dynamic by allowing the plugandplay of devices. It provides mechanisms for devices to join and detach from network dynamically without the need for configuring each device.Jini technology consists of a programming model and a runtime infrastructure. The programming model helps you build a distributed system organized in the Jini technology way: as a federation of services and client programs. jini technology example

This report concerns Sun Microsystems Jini technology and the strategy for its widespread adoption in the networking world. The report proposes a marketing plan and other necessary initiatives to make the technology a standard of networking.

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The dynamic nature of Jini network technology is a great way for devices on the edge of a network to handle change. The edge of a network is where the end user exists and is the point farthest away from where services originate. An example of an enduser on the edge of a network is a cell phone user.

For example, if you decide to write your own Jini Lookup service implementation, then you will need to include jiniext. jar and sunutil. jar files in your CLASSPATH. Define your security policy You will need a security policy file because of the security features of JDK1. 2.

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Jini technology also defines a leasing and transaction mechanism to provide resilience in a dynamic networked environment. The underlying technology and services architecture is powerful enough to build a fully distributed system on a network of workstations. Jini is a new distributed systems technology from Sun Microsystems. The goal of Jini

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