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UnitV Food Biotechnology: Food spoilage and preservation process, dairy products, wine, beer and other alcoholic Beverages and formulated plant products, petro crops, food from water, fungal protein food from yeast, hybrid seeds, conventional breeding of plant for food production.Advancement in marine biotechnology can also increase crop and food yields to meet the demands of growing world population (e. g. cold strawberries, cold tomatoes, faster growing salmons examples mentioned earlier). food biotechnology syllabus

Course Syllabus Course Title: Food Biotechnology Course code: Course prerequisite (s) andor corequisite (s): Introduction to Biotechnology ( ) Scope of Food Biotechnology (What is the difference between food technology and food biotechnology? ) Ch. 1 (2) Tools of the Trade (How biotechnology techniques relate

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M. Tech. Food Biotechnology Eligibility. B. E. B. Tech. or equivalent degree with minimum 50marks or equivalent CGPA. Some of the very reputed universities and institutes conduct entrance examination for admission. M. Tech. Food Biotechnology Syllabus. Syllabus of Food Biotechnology as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

M. Sc. Food Biotechnology or Master of Science in Food Biotechnology is a postgraduate Biotechnology course. Food biotechnology is a process scientists use to enhance the production, nutritional value, safety, and taste of foods. The course emphasizes modern techniques in food microbiology, biotechnology and food analysis.

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Syllabus. Here is an overview of the curriculum and topics covered in M. Tech. Food Biotechnology course.

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