Industrial electronics engineering technology

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The Industrial Electronics Engineering Technology program, located on the Senatobia campus, focuses on fundamentals of electronics and related mathematics. The program offers comprehensive, theoretical and practical knowledge of electronics technology. It also explores the hardware and programming aspects of controllers used in industrialReturn to: Engineering& Industrial Technology Division. Program Information. Industrial Electronics Technology prepares students to pursue virtually any career with technician in the description. The program provides a solid foundation in DC and AC electricity and electronics as well as solid state electronics. industrial electronics engineering technology

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Industrial electronics is a broad occupational field that includes aerospace or medical technology, electronic control systems and industrial instrumentation. Security, transportation and telecommunications are also associated with industrial electronics.

Catalog and Student Handbook Electronic Engineering Technology Industrial Electronics Specialization A. A. S. Advisors Ayers Campus: Audrey Webb, Electronics Building ( ) Andrew Robertson, Electronics Building (256. )

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Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) This program is offered as a second year option in Industrial Electronics Technology for persons desiring to enter the electronics manufacturing sector. This program prepares students for work in design, testing, and product development in electrical and electronic systems for todays industrial

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