Javaserver faces technology provides component architecture

2020-02-26 01:19

How can the answer be improved?JavaServer Faces technology provides a welldefined programming model and various tag libraries. The tag libraries contain tag handlers that implement the component tags. These features significantly ease the burden of building and maintaining web applications with serverside user interfaces (UIs). javaserver faces technology provides component architecture

Jan 31, 2013 User Interface Component Model. In addition to the lifecycle description, an overview of JavaServer Faces architecture provides better understanding of the technology. JavaServer Faces components are the building blocks of a JavaServer Faces view. A component can be a user interface (UI) component or a nonUI component.

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One of the greatest advantages of JavaServer Faces technology is that it offers a clean separation between behavior and presentation for web applications. A JavaServer Faces application can map HTTP requests to componentspecific event handling and manage components as

JavaServer Faces technology provides a set of UI component classes and associated behavioral interfaces that specify all the UI component functionality, such as holding component state, maintaining a reference to objects, and driving event handling and rendering for a set of standard components.

It is based on other Java standards such as Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages, but it provides a higherlevel component layer for UI (user interface) development. The major benefits of JavaServer Faces technology are: JavaServer Faces architecture makes it easy for the developers to use.

Jan 12, 2007 JavaServer Faces UI components are configurable, reusable elements that compose the user interfaces of JavaServer Faces applications. A component can be simple, such as a button, or compound, such as a table, which can be composed of multiple components. JavaServer Faces technology provides a rich, flexible component architecture that includes

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JavaServer Faces technology architecture provides the option of linking a component to a managed Java bean object. The application sets and gets the data on the Java bean object When a component is bound to a Java bean, then the component has two views.

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