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2020-02-26 12:35

Novel Xray backscatter Technique For Detection Of dangerous Novel Xray backscatter technique for detection of dangerous materials: application to aviation and port security raphy (CT), the Xray backscatter technology (XBT) utilizes the scattered radiation caused by the Compton effect [1, 2.Backscatter Xray is an advanced Xray imaging technology. Traditional Xray machines detect hard and soft materials by the variation in xray intensity transmitted through the target. In contrast, backscatter Xray detects the radiation that reflects from the target. It has potential applications where lessdestructive examination is required, and can operate even if only one side of the backscatter x-ray technology

Backscatter Xray machines (sometimes called soft Xray scanners) are more sophisticated than medical Xray and dualenergy Xray systems. Even the machine layout is different. With traditional Xray machines, the Xray tube and imaging sensor sandwich the subject.

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Z Backscatter technology captures the data from the Xrays that are scattered away from the object, back towards a nearsided detector. This primary scattering effect is known as Compton Scattering. The Z Backscatter image is bright white where Xrays scatter the strongest, indicating organic matter, such as explosive material and drugs.

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The technology has drawn the ire of privacy groups, which say the images are a violation of citizens' personal rights. Others question whether the technology puts human health at risk. Concerns aside, backscatter Xray scanners combine some fascinating physics with cuttingedge technology.

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Backscatter X Ray Technology And Pregnancy X Ray Tech Programs Backscatter X Ray Technology And Pregnancy. Airport Xray scanner backscatter than they do while waiting in line for the scan itself. Mobile Xray fluoroscopic equipment should be used in an appropriately protected environment whenever feasible,

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