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Apply your creativity and problemsolving skills to the world of theater productionlighting, costume, scenery, projection, sound design and technical directionthrough the Theater Design& Technology program in the University of the Arts Ira Brind School of Theater Arts.The accredited schools, colleges and universities listed below offer majors and degree programs in Technical Theatretheatre Design and Technology. Allan Hancock College 800 South College Drive, Santa Maria, CA theatre design and technology schools

Top Technical TheatreTheatre Design and Technology Bachelors degree Programs 2019. The average starting salary for a graduate with a degree in Technical TheatreTheatre Design and Technology is. 33. Majors Visual And Performing Arts DramaTheatre Arts and Stagecraft

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Theatre design and technology professionals work behind the scenes before, during and after a production. These individuals work in technical roles, and they include lighting technicians, sound

An Emerson education in Theatre DesignTechnology prepares you to enter the theatre industry as a professional in your craft: fluent in the language of design and technology, conversant in the tools you will encounter at theatres throughout the country, and with a strong understanding of the essentials of design.

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Most Popular Schools for Technical TheatreTheatre Design and Technology Major& Degree Program. A program that prepares individuals to apply artistic, technical and dramatic principles and techniques to the communication of dramatic information, ideas, moods, and feelings through technical theatre methods.

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