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The Graco XM pluralcomponent sprayer provides precise ratio control and handles a wide range of twocomponent materials. The sprayer is engineered to proportion accurately, even at high flow rates, for increased productivity and profitability.XP Plural Component Sprayers. Engineered for projects that require fastersetting twopart coatings, Graco XP Sprayers are easy to use and provide onratio, excellent spray quality for fastcuring materials. graco plural component spray systems

Plural Component Systems and Custom Engineered Equipment. Spray or dispense pluralcomponent high solids coatings (epoxies, urethanes, polyurethanes, sealants or adhesives) with ease and with strict mixratio accuracy. Our factorytrained installers and technicians evaluate your requirements and materials to provide you with a valuable solution

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SprayQuip is one of largest distributors of worldclass plural component spray foam systems& equipment, from manufacturers like Graco, ITW, Nordson and more. . We provide spray foam pumps and spray application equipment that is compatible with all commonly used protective coatings.

Gracos Reactor E10 is a small, readytouse system that helps you get in and get smaller jobs done fast without sacrificing performance. The Reactor E10 sprayers are ideal for pluralcomponent spray, jointfill jobs and touchups.

The Graco XP Line of PluralComponent Sprayers: XP35, XP50 and XP70. Let CJ Spray educate you on the options and customize an XP package to your needs. The Graco XP35, XP50 and XP70 PluralComponent Sprayers are designed to pump, mix and atomize highviscosity, highsolids coatings

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The Graco XP70 PluralComponent Sprayer is a smart alternative to hand mixing. Its designed to pump, mix and atomize highviscosity, highsolids coatings with superior results. In addition, the Graco XP70 sprayers design allows you to gravity feed, which may eliminate the need for feed pumps, ultimately saving you money.

Plural Component Sprayers Mechanical Proportioners A mechanical proportioning plural component spray system is a highpressure spray system used to apply coatings consisting of two parts, a catalyst component and a resin component, when mixed together, become a single coating.

Our plural component mixing equipment, including mechanical and electric proportioners, gives you the option to mix twocomponent and threecomponent materials. Gracos flexible paint mixing systems easily handle a broad spectrum of materials, including solventborne, waterborne epoxies, and acid catalyzed materials. Manufacturers in industries like wood and furniture, general metal

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Proportioning systems, commonly called reactors, foam machines, foam sprayers, or plural component sprayers are pumps designed to spray two chemicals at an equally proportional ratio. Our Graco Proproportioners vary in output including a powerful 50 pounds per minute.

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