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Moon Climbing: Moon Board. TrainingBeta is a site dedicated to training for rock climbing. We provide resources and information about training for routes, bouldering, finger strength, mental training, nutrition for climbers, and everything in between. Check out ourJan 27, 2015  Short film about the Moon Board training system. Short film about the Moon Board training system. Skip navigation Sign in. Moon board film YouTube; Trying Moon Board Masters Boulders 2017 moon systems board

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Moon Climbing specialises in men's and women's climbing clothing, accessories, bags and training equipment. Based in Sheffield, UK, and founded by Ben Moon in 2002, Moon Climbing is also the creator of the MoonBoard training board.

Learn what the Moon Board is and why it's gaining steam. The Moon Board is essentially a training wall. What sets it apart from other woodies (i. e. the style of homemade plywood training walls from which the Moon Board is derived) is its universal design. Ben Moon founder of Moon Climbing and legendary British climberdesigned

LED MoonBoard is a revolutionary training system for climbers. Each MoonBoard is an identical short climbing wall made to precise specifications. Typically, a climbing path from hold to hold is dificult to visualize, but with the LED MoonBoard, lights identify every hold. A mobile app controls the lights, accessing a global database of climbs

MoonBoard holds have been designed to be used with the 40degree and 25degree MoonBoard training systems. Each hold is designated to a specific coordinate and rotation on the MoonBoard, creating a standardised hold layout that is shared by thousands of other users around the world.

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What is the MoonBoard? The MoonBoard is a standardised 40degree bouldering training wall, designed by Ben Moon for climbers wishing to optimise their climbing performance in the simplest of environments. Plotted against a grid of lettered and numbered coordinates, each unique MoonBoard hold is rotated and set in a specific location.

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