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SolFocus Concentrator Photovoltaics An Introduction Phil Metz, Director of Business Development July 21, 2010. Power Unit CPV Panel CPV System Cassegrain Imaging Concentrator Primary Mirror, Secondary Mirror SolFocus CPV Silicon PV Thin Film DSBJ Manufacturing Partner, China Panel Assembly 50MW andJul 18, 2012 The SF1136SX system is sized for flexibility of foundation type, facilitating low cost deployment as well as the ability to deploy on a broad variety of terrain conditions and soil types. Category solfocus cpv systems

SolFocus joins GreenVolts, Energy Innovations, Skyline Solar, and Amonix as CPV players that have had to restructure, fold, or sell the business in today's merciless solar market.

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The SolFocus SF1100S system deployed at the BECC office uses approximately 11, 000th of the active, expensive solar cell material compared to traditional photovoltaic panels. In addition, the cells utilized in SolFocus CPV systems have more than twice the efficiency of

SolFocus CPV Systems Delivering on the Promise of Clean, LowCost Solar Energy SolFocus' leading CPV technology combines highefficiency solar cells with advanced concentrating optics to provide high energy yield using just th the amount of solar cell material used in traditional photovoltaic systems.

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2. 2 SolFocus CPV Technology and Products COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Page 4 of 26 2. 2 1. 3 SolFocus SF1136SX CPV Systems SolFocus panels are highly efficient, converting approximately 30 of sunlight into electricity.

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