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2020-02-24 14:19

Eagles xray systems are built to comply with international safety regulations and suit many applications in a variety of packaging types for a wide range of industries. Filter below by industry, packaging type or quality inspection requirement for a complete view of our xray inspection equipment.The XScope 1800 XRay Inspection System is an entry level machine with high level features. A microfocus xray source and CMOS digital flat panel image detector with tilting for oblique angle views are standard, all at an affordable price. x ray inspection systems

Nordson DAGE, the leaders in Xray inspection for the electronics industry offers the highest feature recognition and resolution Xray systems not only within failure analysis laboratories but also within the production environment. It is now proud to launch its 4 th generation, ultrahigh resolution, offline Xray systems the Quadra Series.

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Xray Inspection Systems. Xray Inspection. Q uadra Series Xray inspection takes you beyond optical imaging. Proprietary QuadraNT sealed Xray tube technology allows you to nondestructively inspect obscured areas inside devices and components at up to 68, 000 times magnification.

FocalSpot, Inc. San Diego, CA Designers& manufacturers of affordable XRay inspection systems. Offering advanced BGA and SMT inspection and rework systems, repair solutions for leadfree and eutectic rework, XRay failure analysis and rework applications support, parts and service to manufacturers of electronics assemblies worldwide.

XRAY INSPECTION. Xray detection is a fast growing inspection method used within food production factories and provides improved safety and brand protection. Operating under LOMAs core Designed to Survive philosophy, our engineering teams provide solutions built around the following key values for Xray inspection systems in the food

Sophisticated xray detection and inspection systems can distinguish between contaminants (like metal, glass, stone, plastic and other dense foreign objects) and packaging materials (such as metallized film or foil). But how do you know which xray food safety system is best for your food production quality program? Read the blog post

Food Safety and Quality with XRay Inspection Systems. Food safety and quality control is a growing global trend. It is expected from the food producers to be aware of their safety risks, as well as maintain the high quality of their food products.

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