An example of how organ systems work together

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Another example is the digestive system, which contains mouth, gullet, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and retum, basically an organ system. a group of organs that work together is calledExamples of interdependent organ systems include: the root system and shoot system of flowering plants The shoot system does photosynthesis, the process of using sunlight to create food. The shoot system gets the light for photosynthesis and the root system supplies the water. an example of how organ systems work together

Jun 24, 2013  Give an example of the ways in which organ systems work together to maintain the human body. Draw connections between at least three organ systems

An example of how organ systems work together free

Sep 21, 2011 Pick two organ systems and explain how they work together. The skeletal and muscular system work together but assisting each other for movement and support. The skeletal system is pretty much a frame for your body, its gives you support. With the muscular system it helps move our body. Since the muscles are connected to the bones,

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The two organ systems that work together to help the body process food are the Digestive System, and the Endocrine System.

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