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Julien Bon Chief Executive Officer Julien Bon holds an M. Sc. in Microelectronics from the Polytechnic National Institute of Grenoble, France. He joined Tronics in 2001 and, among other responsibilities, served as Head of Engineering& Product Industrialization. Most recently, Julien Bon has managed a portfolio of customer projects dealing with Tronics innovative Magelan and M& NEMS inertialDec 10, 2008 Tronics MEMS, Inc. joins MedTech Development LLC in the U. S. and Tronics Microsystems in Europe to position the multinational Tronics group of companies to best serve customers in North America tronics microsystems wikipedia

Tronic's Microsystems SA manufactures and sells MEMS devices for various applications in France and internationally. It provides custom and standard products primarily to the industrial

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Tronics Microsystems. Tronic's Microsystems SA designs and manufactures micro electro mechanical systems. It provides products such as micro electro mechanical systems accelerometers and gyros to

Our strengths lie in our expertise in system definition in power management, quick timetomarket, heavily built customer relationships, and mixed signal engineering Integrated Circuit abilities.

Tronics' AXO215 product ideally complements the industrystandard GYPRO product line. Consisting of a MEMS transducer and an integrated circuit (IC), the AXO215 comes in a 28pin Jlead ceramic package. The MEMS transducer is manufactured using Tronics waferlevel packaging technology based on micromachined thick single crystal silicon.

The Tronics were a Londonbased band that released records from 1979 to 1984. The band was formed and fronted by musician, songwriter, and music producer Zarjaz Baby, also known as Ziro Baby. Background and influences. The band was known for being primitive and strange, with an underground

CEALeti, a Grenoble, Francebased research institute for electronics and information technologies, is one of the world's largest organizations for applied research in microelectronics and nanotechnology.

Tronics is an international MEMS manufacturer. Tronics Microsystems is a division of TDKs Temperature& Pressure Sensors Business Group and a recognized technological leader in the sector of nano and microsystems.

Retrotronics (a portmanteau of retro and electronics , also retrotronics) is the making of electric circuits or appliances using older electric components, such as vacuum tubes, Nixie displays, relays, uniselectors, analogue meters, etc. These are usually chosen more for their aesthetic qualities than performance. Retrotronics is a popular strand within the steampunk movement.

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