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YTR5335GSIIAL. Bb Trumpet, ML bore (11. 65mm; 0. 459 ), allround model, silver plated, with 2piece bell (123mm; 478 ) from YTR4335GS, parts from YTR6335S& custom models, mouthpieceMar 04, 2003 Hello! I'm thinking about buying a used Yamaha YSS475 soprano. Before I do, though, I'd like to look up the serial number so that I can find out when it was manufactured. Does anyone know of a website that lists serial numbers and manufacturing dates for Yamaha saxes? (I already tried Steve Goodson's Sax Gourmet website. It has lists for several brands, but not Yamahas. ) yamaha trumpet serial numbers

This is an approximate guide to deciphering the meaning of the numbers and letters used to create the model numbers used on Yamaha Trumpets. 1st Number Range or Grade. The pre1982 range of Yamaha Trumpets with three digit model numbers appear to have been marketed as such: 1xx: Standard College.

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Feb 27, 2016  Hi Fluteland Members, I'd like to share a COMPLETE list of all Yamaha Flute model numbers with you. I'm actually a trumpet player by trade and got bored one day so I decided to compile a complete list of all of the Yamaha trumpet models as it

Feb 20, 2012 At some point I wish to include which markets a particular model wasis available in, eg. the James Morrison model was unique to the Yamaha Australia market. Yamaha SERIAL NUMBER Database Yamaha SERIAL NUMBER Submission Form Yamaha Brochures& Marketing Material Yamaha Trumpets Japan (1968? ) Yamaha Trumpets Japan (1969? )

Yamaha Trumpet Model Number Code YamahaCollector Yamaha Loyalist But this doesn't have space for the S (Small) Bore or MS (Medium Small) bore, nor does it differentiate between same bore sizes, so I'll list the measurements in order and assume that the number system simply doesn't hold true anymore, other than maybe the 3 and 4 designation.

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Schilke Serial Numbers. For horns made prior to 1961, the earliest Schilke trumpets, made in 1956 and perhaps early 1957, so far as I have been able to find, had three digit serial numbers. I have communicated wtih the owners of Schilke trumpets with serial numbers 207 and 208

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