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Nov 14, 2011 Yamaha 4hp. Engine has only about 15 hrs running time. cleaned carb with carb cleaner& Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. Home Boat Design Forums Design Propulsion Outboards 4hp 4 stroke Yam. Discussion in 'Outboards' started by RedBaronj, Nov 12, 2011. Joined: Nov 2011 Posts: 2 2007 yamaha 4 stroke 4hp won't idleNov 29, 2009  During 2007 I bought a new Yamaha 4hp four stroke outboard with integral fuel tank for my Hawk. When the engine was started, after having been left in the fully up position for no more than a couple of days, I was surprised to see blue smoke issuing from the exhaust for yamaha 4hp 4 stroke forum

Mar 22, 2007  I am not sure I understand this 'heavy' business. Yamaha state that its 22 kilos. Now the 2 stroke 4hp mariner, and the similar 4hp 2 stroke Tohatsu are also 22kilos plus? So yea, sure, it's heavier than a Tohatsu 3. 5hp, or a Marina 3. 3, but actually on paper no different in weight from the latest 4hp

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Forum Title: 13: Yamaha 250 4 stroke overheating alarm: 8: yamaha 2004 40hp 4 stroke: 1: 15 hp 2 stroke yamaha: 3: 2006 Yamaha 25 HP 4 Stroke won't go in reverse. 4: 2008 Yamaha 90 hp 2 stroke: 48: 2003 yamaha 115 4 stroke bogs down, misses badly above idle: 15 '04 Yamaha 225 4stroke Fuel Oil Leaking From Motor: 14: yamaha 60 hp 4 stroke v

Jun 20, 2009  OK, I'm now uniquely qualified to answer my own questions. I went and bought the Yamaha 4hp And after one motor sail motor, my first impression is a good one. The 4hp 4stroke has more powertorque than a 4hp 2stroke. It pushed the boat to

Mar 22, 2007 Probably been asked many times before, buried in lots of posts. Any views on this engine? I have sold my brute of a seagull (sad day), and was thinking of a second hand yamaha f4 as it seems to be quite light (22 kilos), and one of the few 4HP models that can have an external 12 litres tank.

A forum community built to help fellow 4 stroke Yamaha Snowmobile owners with Technical issues, Tuning and Maintenance. We take pride in our product and want all owners to have a wonderful experience with theirs. Also watch for our scheduled TY Rides and Events.

Apr 27, 2018 I'm ready to give up on my Yamaha 150 hp 2stroke. Engine only has 619 hrs but has failed continually over the last 3. 5 years. Just about everyone around here has a Yamaha 4stroke so I'd like to go that route also. This will be have a 25 lower unit.

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Jun 05, 2015 For example this kit is for 4hp and 6hp. Currently the 4hp and 6hp are both 1 cylinder. The older 6hp were 2 cylinder i had a 2003 4stroke and it was 2 cylinder, the new ones are 1. Although the 4hp 4stroke have always been 1 cylinder, my 4hp(2009) weighs 50lbs and the new ones weigh 60lbs, so something changed.

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Mar 07, 2013  If at all possible get a 4 Stroke with EFI. Yamaha has had it for about 8 years in most of their outboards 40 hp and up. Suzuki has too since about 2002. However, Honda did not add EFI until 2009. We went to a Canadian fishing camp several years that had 50 hp Hondas in the pre2009 models. Very cold blooded.

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