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2020-02-26 04:45

Apr 08, 2013  2013WEDGEFinally the big surprise was an all adjustable Inpres X Remix driver. This is Yamahas first foray into the adjustable driver offerings and the Remix looks to be a good one. 5 Shafts are available as standard offers including the OEM Inpres X MX513D shaft as well as the Tour AD GT6, Diamana B60, ATTAS 4U 6, and Rombax TypeS 65 (these 4 are yamaha inpres x z203 driver

Inpres X Z203 Driver: Item# InpresXZ203D: Price: 1, 000. 00

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Inpres X Z203 DRIVER 2013. SOFT L Ladies 28 34ms M34about 34ms. SR Stiff Regularhardness is the middle of Regular and Stiff 40 43ms M40about 40ms. All of the clubs sold on our site are used clubs that have been sold in Japan.

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Jul 18, 2013 Yamaha 2013 Inpres X Z203 Forged Driver. Yamaha introduces the new 2013 Inprex X Z203 Forged Driver. It is a driver made for ultimate distance and forgiveness for the average players. It features a Forged face to produce a very consistent and soft feel across the hitting area. It has a full 460cc head for great forgiveness.

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