Yamaha grand piano g5 specs

2020-02-25 23:47

Mar 25, 2012 Im in the process of upgrading my daughters piano without braking the bank Any help would be so appreciated! She really liked (after playing many) a 1974 reconditioned Yamaha G5 grand that came in on consignment. .Yamaha G5 grand piano is often used in small concert halls. They have a rich warm tone. For full details of all used Yamaha grand models commonly found in the UK, please see our used Yamaha grand pianos yamaha grand piano g5 specs

Yamaha G5. 67 Grand Piano. A big piano with big sound and an imposing presense. Perfect for a large home or studio at an affordable price.

Yamaha grand piano g5 specs free

TONE. Each Yamaha grand piano is imbued with a love of music and mastery of craft. From the powerful projection of the renowned CFX to the distinct and beloved character of the C7, our grand pianos are voiced to produce a wide range of tonal colors that can complement any musical genre.

Yamaha G5 Grand Piano For Sale. Rich and warm tone that fills the room. It is also quick and responsive. Purchase Price: From MYR (MYR ) Specifications:

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Marcus Roberts very helpfully found a Yamaha C5 Grand and more recently, in 2014, when I needed to update my (smaller) teaching piano, I went back to Roberts Pianos and Marcus recommended a Kawai 4'11 grand which, like the Yamaha, is proving to be a beautifullytoned and balanced instrument.

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