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IME it's because abusive people move into the systemsick systems need sick individuals to keep them runningbut the bad apples are often so high up that most of the employees have no idea the issues can be traced back to them, and functionally, the company as a whole has gone sick.Jun 23, 2010  post from Issendai about how to create a sick system. . This is applicable to personal relationships as well as professional, and whats striking to me is how many of my friends are stuck in sick systems in the name of chasing a career; many corporations and management cultures are sick. issendai sick systems

Sick Systems How to Keep Someone With You Forever. So you want to keep your lover or your employee close. Bound to you, even. You have a few options. You could be the best lover they've ever had, kind, charming, thoughtful, competent, witty, and a tiger in bed.

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Dependency can be combined with lots of care for the other people in the systemat the center of one of the most potent sick systems I've experienced was a woman who was incapable of making decisions on her own, but she had built herself up as a sort of mother figure and provider to the rest of the group.

Sick Systems Qualities That Keep You in a Sick System. When I wrote Sick Systems: How to Keep Someone With You Forever, I was thinking of a few extreme situations I've found myself in or watched friends flounder through, so I considered sick systems rare and deeply pathological. What y'all are saying, both here and in conversations around the net, is that almost everyone has gotten stuck in a

Jun 18, 2010 Let's look at Issendai's work on the sick system, now, and then I'll put this all together for y'all. Issendai lists several steps to creating a system where the people within it can't leave. Here

Mar 03, 2015  A sick system has four basic rules [ All of [which work together to make a bad workplace or a bad relationship addictive. Youre run off your feet putting out fires and keeping things going, your own world will collapse if you stop, and every so often you succeed for a moment and create something bigger than yourself.

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Sick Systems Meditation groups, ashrams, spiritual communities, and (probably) monasteries, can become sick systems quite easily. People join when they are at their most vulnerable, seeking the truth and a new life. This vulnerability can evoke a predatory response in people around them.

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