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2020-02-26 13:25

The throttle override system used on Yamaha's allterrain vehicles isn't specific to Yamaha; some variant of the system has found its way onto ATVs produced by almost every major manufacturer. While the TORS works admirably when new, years of dirt, mud and hard landings can turn the system into more ofFind great deals on eBay for yamaha banshee throttle tors. Shop with confidence. tors yamaha throttle

Designed for ultimate throttle performanceIncreased throttle controlSeveral kit variations are available to meet your needsThis Item Fits the Following Applications: 2006 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster, Fitment Notes: Stock, Keihin PWK28 and Mikuni TM28Eliminates TORS and

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Feb 14, 2011 Here's how to remove the troublesome TORS (ThrottleOverride) system on model year Yamaha Blaster ATV's. This set of electrical interlocks usually gives riders nothing but trouble, and

Oct 07, 2012 Bypass TORS Throttle Over Ride System. Discussion in 'FX Nytro the CPU might think the throttle is pinned, thus erroring out. Obviously TORS must use throttle position sensor too. I would like to keep TORS if I could find a smaller throttle assembly. Opinionscomments expressed on this site are not that of Yamaha or any other Yamaha

Jan 30, 2016 I own a 1994 yamaha vmax4 750. The tors light came on which is the (throttle over ride safety system) its yamaha thing. Any way the safety wont let you idle past 3000 causing the machine to bog

Jan 04, 2005 Everyone keeps saying, adjust your throttle cable A taught throttle cable is often the source of this problem, but this Vector TORS problem seems to be bigger than just a simple adjustment. My cable has plenty of slack and is on the high side of the tolerance, yet I still have intermittent TORS issues at very inopportune moments.

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Jul 09, 2018 Problem is, throttle slides almost never get stuck in the real world; Yamaha basically had to install the TORS system on all their 2stroke quads to cover their ass, in case somebody, somewhere, wrecked a quad and tried to sue, claiming that it was Yamaha's fault the throttle stuck open.

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