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The 2nd to 5 th defendants must satisfy the court that the Part 8 claim form does not show reasonable grounds for bringing the claim; put in simpler terms, they must show that the claim is bound to fail. Sometimes, a respondent to an application to strike out a statement of case will apply to amend the statement of case to cure possible defects.Feb 26, 2014 Whilst court proceedings are public, the court record is not public with only members of the legal profession and the parties automatically entitled to inspect the court record. Secondly, a strike out means that the criminal or civil proceedings have been brought to an end by the terminating of the proceedings by striking them out, or ending them. case struck out court

Apr 27, 2014 If a claim is struck out it has been brought to an end but not usually because a judge has considered it without merit, cases tend to be struck out because of a technical or procedural defect such as no one attending a hearing or an order not being complied with.

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11 hours ago  Onnoghen: Odili disagrees as SCourt strikes out Cross Rivers suit. struck out the case without considering its merit on grounds that the Supreme Court lacked jurisdiction to entertain same.

Strike out: a quick guide. by Practical Law Dispute Resolution. Related Content. A quick guide to strike out applications which can be used by parties and the courts to dispose of cases. Free Practical Law trial. To access this resource, sign up for a free, 14day trial of Practical Law. Free trial.

May 17, 2019 Court Strikes Out No Case Submission Filed By exNNPC Boss Over False Asset Declaration Justice Ahmed Mohammed delivering the ruling on Thursday stated that Yakubu has a case to answer and must

Hundreds of repossession cases adjourned pending the introduction of legislation to repair a lacuna in the law, will have to be struck out under the proposed new Land and Conveyancing Law Reform

Jul 25, 2014  Penner case struck out. COLAs attorney and prosecutor in the case, began addressing the court. Musa told the court that COLA has made partial and then full disclosure to the accused Penner, who was charged with two offences, under the Summary Jurisdiction Procedures Act, for his role in securing a Belize passport and Belize nationality

Struck out means that the case against you has been dismissed by the court. In other words the court feels that there is no case to answer, or the court after hearing the prosecution case feels

Dec 01, 2010 I provided the limited information in the belief I would then have my say in court This turned out to be incorrect I was told I had not provided enough information and that my case was struck out The judge said they could have allowed me to amend it, but that it would be fairer if they struck it out and I resubmitted a new claim

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Jul 06, 2010 I have now had a letter from the Court stating that the case has been struck out because the particulars of claim be struck out as disclosing no reasonable grounds for bringing this claim. Any ideas? ? ? ? ? Martin if you are reading this PLEASE HELP. Thanks.

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