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Other options for a nonchlorine pool would be the biaguanide chemicals. These chemicals are very expensive but the do provide a higher quality of water that chlorine systems do. This also can be more time consuming since it has to manually added to the pool. Ozone generators are another nonchlorine pool system choice.BioGuard uses an easy threestep system to provide soft, clear, chlorinefree water. These nonchlorine products make water feel soft to the skin, eyes and hair. Can my pool water be sanitized without chlorine? Yes, chlorine is not the only sanitizer that can be used to treat pool water. non chlorinated pool systems

Nonchlorine shock is great for indoor pools or pools with a high bather load (many people in the pool). Sunlight will help oxidize organic pollutants naturally, so nonchlorine shock is popular among indoor pools (where there is littletono sunlight). Nonchlorine Shock is also used in spas and hot tubs to oxidize (burn up) dead organic matter.

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Choosing a Chlorine Free Pool Option. While there are various products on the market for reducing chlorine in pools, most are not based on sound science. Some concepts, such as salt water pools are misunderstood. Salt water pools simply create chlorine through electrolysis. The end result is a chlorinated pool.

May 29, 2008  Alternative technologies arent new (DEL began to sell ozone systems for pools and spas in 1980), but they have grown in popularity in recent years as people who dislike swimming in chlorinated

ECOsmarte has installed its chemicalfree pool system in over 130 countries worldwide and in all 50 U. S states. Do not be misled by salt pools sellers that generate chlorine levels as high as 10PPM in one week. We are committed to the least chemicals, least water use, lowest power use and ZERO salt.

With Ecosmarte pool systems, you can have a non chlorine, non salt, chemical free pool. The best alternative to salt water pools, and your superior pool water treatment systems. Swim in a non chemical, chlorine free pool with superior Ecosmarte Technology.

The CL Free Water Systems PoolSpa System purifies and protects your pool water and provides you a chlorine and salt free swimming experience. The system ionizes copper into the water, kills bacteria (Ecoli, Pseudomonas, etc. ), kills algae, and oxidizes the water (freshening and sanitizing).

ChemicalFree Pool Systems That Use No Chlorine or Salt. Whether youre building a new pool, remodeling an existing pool, or want to move to a chlorine alternative on an existing inground pool or aboveground pool or spa, ECOsmarte offers you a proven system to use no regular chemicals or salt in your pool. We offer a non salt

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Mar 06, 2018 Saltwater systems are healthier alternatives to traditional chlorine pools, but the salt cells in these systems still create chlorine. Nonchlorine chemicals such as bromine or hydrogen peroxide can provide alternatives to shock treatment in some pools, but many still need to be paired with other sanitizing systems and solutions to be effective.

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