Truck kills 22 and injures 88

2020-02-24 14:46

Sep 25, 2015  A highway crash involving two trucks, a coach bus and a van killed 22 people and injured 13 Friday in southern China, local authorities said. Highway crash kills 22, injuresInsane Crash Truck Runs Red Light Killing 22 People& 88 Injured! truck kills 22 and injures 88

Six tourists from Mumbai were killed and 22 injured in a road accident between Bhadrapur and Nalavadi in Dharwad district around 5. 30am on Saturday. 6 killed, 22 injured as bus rams truck

Truck kills 22 and injures 88 free

A truck crash in Pinetown, KwaZuluNatal has claimed the lives of 27 people. Two taxis in front of the camera move forward the truck smashes through crossing vehicles at high speed. A car that was on their right has already been vaporised Posted By Abdul

Nov 15, 2013 Truck Crash. 27 DEAD 88 INJURED. . Truck Runs Red Light Killing 27.

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Mar 07, 2014 Pinetown Accident Warning Graphic Footage 80 Injured 22 Killed. Huge accident that left 22 people dead and many injured. The driver was the only one killed in this horrific accident.

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