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We find the best combination of carrier, lane, and type of truck and allow you to compare prices from those carriers that best fit your needs. Additionally our interstate truckload solutions allow for oneonone care from our specialized interstate logistics agents. BENEFITS OF OUR INTERSTATE FREIGHT SOLUTIONS. 247 quoting systemInterstate Transport is not only a leading provider of thirdparty logistics and truck brokerage services, but also the industry leader in and timesensitive logistics. interstate truck carriers

The federal government began regulating prices and competition in interstate transportation when Congress created the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) to oversee the railroad industry in 1887. The ICC began regulating interstate trucking after Congress passed the Motor Carrier

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Aug 02, 2012 Interstate vs Intrastate. Interstate and intrastate are concepts that have great implications in business and transport. This is because of the fact that trucks that roam inside a state are governed by the laws of that state alone while intrastate trucks are allowed to go inside other states also thereby being governed by a different set of laws.

Interstate trucking means that you drive a commercial motor vehicle across state lines (including to leave the country) in the transportation of cargo or you transport cargo from one point to another within a states boundaries but the ultimate destination of the cargo is outside of the state. You are engaging in Interstate commerce by transporting goods across state lines.

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INTERSTATE MOTOR CARRIERS. Over the past 75 years, we have seen countless truck insurance companies and agentsbrokers come and go. Since 1936, Interstate Motor Carriers has consistently provided creative solutions and specialized insurance programs to the trucking industry.

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