Maskless laser lithography systems

2020-02-24 14:22

OAI Manufacturers and designers of Maskless Laser Direct Write Lithography systems, mask aligners, UV light sources, UV exposure systems, solar simulators, IV testers.Currently, the main forms of maskless lithography are electron beam and optical. In addition, focused ion beam systems have established an important niche role in failure analysis and defect repair. Also, systems based on arrays of mechanical and thermally ablative probe maskless laser lithography systems

The LW405C laser writer is a directwrite (maskless) lithography system produced by Microtech s. r. l. of Italy. The tool contains two laser diode assemblies for the efficient exposure of both positive and negative photoresists. The five objective lenses allow for a broad range of high resolution and highspeed writing applications.

Maskless laser lithography systems free

Want to build a more flexible Maskless Lithography, Direct Write, or Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) system? We help our customers solve both part motion and laser spot positioning challenges by giving them access to powerful system parameters within our controller. We help you handle the coordination between the light sourcelaser and motion system.

Maskless photolithography is commonly used for generating photomasks for semiconductor and LCD industries. Focused ion beam lithography is commonly used for sputtering away defects or uncovering buried features. Rotalab offers a wide range of highthroughput maskless photolithographic patterning systems for research and production.

Expertise in photolithography: direct laser writing, maskless lithography& photoresists Klo is today a major global player in photolithographic technologies with mask and laser. Its expertise, for more than 15 years in the lithographic production systems and photosensitive resins are testimony of Klos unique knowhow in the control of photonmatter interactions.

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