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AP Biology Reading Guide Chapter 55: Ecosystems Fred and Theresa Holtzclaw 17. What is a limiting nutrient? What is the limiting nutrient off the shore of Long Island, New York? In the Sargasso Sea? a nom. v sf e ddled ra ror, ( C ion crease. 18. Phytoplankton growth can be increased by additional nitrates and phosphates. What areChapter 55 Ecosystems. STUDY. PLAY. Terms in this set () What is an ecosystem. A biological community and its interactions with the abiotic environement. Ecosystem dynamics. energy flow and chemical cycling. What are all trophic levels linked to. decomposers. What is the source of all energy for ecosystems. chapter 55 ecosystems test

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View Test Prep chapter 55. docx from BIOLOGY 202 at Queensborough Community College, CUNY. Chapter 55 Ecosystems and Restoration Ecology 1) Which of the following terms encompasses all of the

13. You may recall from Chapter 54 that biomass is the total mass of all individuals in a trophic level. Another way of defining net primary production is as the amount of new biomass added in a given period of time. Why is net primary production, or the amount of new biomassunit of

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