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Mar 02, 2012  Blast Resistant Glazing Design Role of Interlayer Type. GSA Condition 3a equates to the Very Low Hazard level defined in ASTM F1642 where the glass cracks, and fragments land on the floor no further than 1 meter. GSA Condition 2 equates to ASTM F1642 No Hazard, where glass cracksDec 04, 2008 Mullions and frames are to be designed to the blast load specified with a deflection limit of L160 while connections are to be designed to two times the capacity of the glass. Design and testing requirements for blast resistant glazing systems have been rapidly developing. blast resistant glazing systems

Offering a full line of blast resistant ballistic products including glass, doors, windows and barriers.

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EGS are a prominent manufacturer and installer of specialist glazing systems both in the UK and overseas. Authorised fabricators of internationally recognised systems, EGS have built market presence through a dedicated commitment to providing design solutions and translating both engineering and

The blastresistant glazing is designed to meet the secondhighest design criteria for blast resistance (performance condition 2) established by the General Services Administration (see table). Designed and installed by window contractor Masonry Arts, Bessemer, Ala. , the system consists of laminated glass

Pressure and Distance. The composition and construction of an insulating glass unit has a large bearing on its ability to mitigate the detrimental effects of a blast event. The configuration of the glazing lites must be carefully matched with the anticipated threat level for optimum performance and minimum cost.

Energy Dissipation. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope's blastresistant laminated glass is an excellent glazing choice in all types of buildings that may be subjected to bomb blasts. The tough plastic interlayer holds the glass together after an impact, and with the proper framing systems, the glazing

Nov 19, 2014  Fire Resistive, Blast Resistant Glazing Where security, safety, and transparency converge. Security, safety and transparency dont have to be mutually exclusive thanks to new glazing technology designed to support blast and fire resistant secure buildings.

Laws and building and safety codes governing the design and use of glazed entrance, window and curtain wall products vary widely. Seller does not control the selection of product configurations, operating hardware or glazing materials, and assumes no responsibility therefore.

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The Wrightstyle system is designed to withstand the blast pressure, whilst still retaining the glass within the framing profiles, and therefore preventing the type of injuries associated with flying glass. A versatile bomb resistant system.

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