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Jun 04, 2017  Using a Semitruck as an RV Hauler. June 4, 2017 Jack Mayer. There are lots of HDT working trucks traveling the highways continuously, and they have to get fixed wherever they are. So it is easy to find service for the truck far easier than for a pickup truck. And, in general, the shop rate for HDTs is lower than for pickup trucksHDT Heavy Duty Trucks for RVing has 2, 855 members. Heavy Duty Trucks (HDTs; like semitractors) make better tow vehicles for heavy 5th wheel RV hdt trucks for sale

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Heavy Duty Trucks (HDT) Towing RVs. A note from Dave, founder of FWS: In recent years, the big three truck makers have really made waves with the extremely high payload and towing capacities. Additionally, the cost of buying these big one ton trucks have skyrocketed as well.

Welcome to The Heavy Hauler RV Resource Guide. This Resource Guide is an accumulation of information derived from the discussion on the Escapees HDT Forum and supplemented by research by members. The Guide's goal is to help in the process of acquiring and setting up a truck to be a Heavy Hauler RV with the capability of towing large 5thwheel

For Sale: Toterhomes, Motorhomes, HDT& MDT's Classifieds are for use by members. Please post to your listing when it has sold.

You have two choices: buy an existing truck that is converted for RV use and that is for sale, or have a truck converted specifically for RV use by a truck conversion company. Both are good options. The Escapees HDT forum always has a number of trucks listed for sale.

The HDT Truck concept was developed to carry high density payloads (from 0, 9 up) with the maximum efficiency in long haull trips like the Interocean highway from L. A. to Houston to Jacksonville. It has very low drag due to its small frontal area and slim body. It can be fully autonomous but has a driver place.

Listing No. Toters and Trucks HDT Full Time Rig for sale 89, 900. 00 Located in Anderson, TX Map This Print This Listing

Toters and Trucks For Sale Page 1. Is your RV insurance REALLY RV insurance? Ours Is. Click Now! Post Your Classified Ad Here From 4. 95mo. Toters and Trucks Peterbilt 379 2002 Only One Like It Spicewood, TX 225, 000. 00 OBO: Toters and Trucks 1995 International 4700 TowmasterToter Seguin, TX

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