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What We Do. TanTara is your onecall transportation source. As you prepare to ship your next load on open bed flatbed trucks, dry van, curtain side conestoga trailer, or tank, call TanTara Transportation Corp. and speak with one of our courteous and professional Fleet Managers. We can easily handle any loads that require special equipment or attention.Conestoga trailers are basically flatbed trailers with a hard shell giving complete protection to the freight inside. They offer more coverage than use tarps to tie down and protect cargo, and reduce the occurrence of tarps damaging the cargo they're attempting to protect. conestoga flatbed trucking companies

The maximum freight weight for most Conestoga trailers is 42, 000 to 45, 000 pounds, with the length of a large trailer between 480 and 530. As Conestoga tarp systems are used with standard flatbed trailers, the width is the standard 82 and the height is the standard 80.

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Brunton Motor Freight, Pontiac, IL is a specialized Conestoga flatbed fleet that also offers standard flatbeds, Step decks and Dry Van trailers. Contact us today for a free freight quote. . We are a growing fleet with modern, safe, and wellmaintained equipment.

Flatbed Freight Services Our flatbed division offers a full range of services. We specialize in lessthantruckload (LTL) freight and brokerage. Our service offerings includes, but are not limited to: Full tarping for steel and specialized metal transportation Fabricated products Oversize and overweight materials Machinery& equipment Lumber& building products Our Experience and Equipment We

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FLATBED CAPABILITIES Full load freight LTL freight Coasttocoast Airride technology Side kit trailers Conestoga flatbed trailers D& E Transport is a flatbed trucking company dedicated to serving their customer's needs.

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