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Filipino Values System. Cultural values are shared assumption of what is right, good or important in a certain society. Filipino Values System is defined by the way of people live their life as an influence of ones culture. It is the set of values or the value system that a majority of the Filipinos have historically held important in theirelements of these Filipino values are absent in the value systems of other peoples and cultures. Filipino values in a fourfold sense: 3. universal human values in a Filipino context (historical, cultural, socioeconomic, political, moral and religious) take on a distinctive set of Filipino filipino value systems analysis

Transcript of Values System Analysis Defined. Values are principles or ideas in which groups and individuals may believe strongly and which guide their respective behaviors. Values are the ideals, customs, institutions, etc. of a society toward which the members of the group have an affective regard. Value is chosen freely.

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Understanding Filipino values: a management approach status structure subordinates Subsistence Level supervisor Tagalog things thinking tion traditional understand utang utangnaloob value clarification Value System Analysis values and attitudes Visayas walang western

5. THE FILIPINO VALUE SYSTEM Chapter 5: Filipino Citizenship Values THE HOUSE OF LIFE The Value of Respect of Life Treat life with respect and life itself will reveal its beauty to you.

Filipino Values. The study revealed that the values they have is the same values as what the traditional values of intellectuals have although it takes on a different language. The traditional values are the same as the millennial values with the different terms in language but values still the same, values

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Filipino Core Values that are to be discussed are: 1. Family solidarity 2. Respect for elders 3. Utang na loob or debt of gratitude. 4. Hiya is a Filipino value that is difficult to translate in any Western language. Literally it connotes several meanings such as shy, timid, sensitive rather than ashamed. 5. Amor propio

Jun 17, 2012  Filipino cultural valuessociology (PPT) 1. VALUES from the Latin word VALERE. strong and vigorous JOCANO (2000) concepts which we use as points of reference or criteria for recognizing, expressing and evaluating social realities in the environment in terms of: desirability quality importance merit significance price worth usefulness

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What Are Examples of Filipino Values? Filipino values include fostering a sense of harmony amongst social groups in order to bring about peace. A strong sense of family ties and obligation is also a core Filipino value.

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