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Dec 15, 2012 Can someone translate this from Cantonese to Latin script? I was listening to this rap and i found a translation, but i haven't found a pinyin or latin version, just Chinese characters. . the rap is in Cantonese btw, please if you can type the characters cantonese sounds as an answer.Pinyin translation in EnglishCantonese dictionary. Showing page 1. Found 0 sentences matching phrase Pinyin . Found in 0 ms. pinyin translation cantonese

Quick Tips. There are three ways to type. can be typed by Cantonese code shun yung ka yau wai. is in word database, you only need to enter to find the character. is the same, you only need to enter to get. You can

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Jyutping is one of the many romanisation systems used for Cantonese but it is the most popular, it is like pinyin for Cantonese. This is designed for Cantonese learners.

To match only Chinese characters, Mandarin pinyin or English definition, use: c: chinese p: pinyin e: english: 'c: 'p: ' and 'e: ' only influence the search term immediately after these prefixes. When used with groups, they influence the whole group they prefix.

Feb 21, 2018 Some viewer requested for this song so, here you go If the timing for the lyrics is not good, please forgive me. This is the best I could do: ) Please like, subscribe or comment for other

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Cantonese Pinyin (, also known as ) is a Romanization system for Cantonese developed by Yu Bingzhao () in 1971, and subsequently modified by the Education Department (merged into the Education and Manpower Bureau since 2003) of Hong Kong and Prof. Zhan Bohui () of the Chinese Dialects Research Centre of the Jinan University, Guangdong, PRC, and honorary professor

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