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Aug 21, 2007 I found this forum when I was searching for Googoosh's lyrics. I am very impressed with the translations, and they have helped me immensely. I only know a little Farsi (not enough to attempt typing it). I will be attending Googoosh's concert next month, and I am hoping to learn a few of her songs before then. One of my favorites is Gharib e Ashena, and I am hoping that someone would be kindGharibe Ashena is a paradox. I know Gharib means Stranger but I don't know the exact translation of Ashena. It should be antonym of Stranger. Complete translation should mean The Stranger that you know; Hamsafar is a person who you are traveling with. Maybe Fellow Traveler is better. I dont know about the user FirstRun. gharibe ashena translation

Gharibe Ashena. To az shahreh gharibeh bi neshooni oomadi. To baa asbeh sefideh mehrabooni oomadi. The official video's translation is the same as this one and it was published some days ago. more. New translation. Difficult days. Arabic English. New comment.

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Gharibe Ashena. Versions: # 1# 2# 3. u're from a unknown city without any sign. you come on a white horse of kidness. u're from a far away dessert full of sand. u come for companianship ( letterly it means hamsedayihamzabooni voice a like) This is a machine translation. Please note that they aren't allowed and that is mentioned in the

May 28, 2012 Translation: Persian to English (subtitles) You came from an unknown city, a city without any sign You came on a white horse of kindness You came from far way lands across dusty roads You came

Lyrics for Gharibe Ashena by Googoosh.

googoosh gharibe ashena to az shahre gharibe bi neshooni guitar chord

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Dec 04, 2012  Mix Googoosh Gharibe Ashena (Familiar Stranger) YouTube; shadmehr aghilitaghdir Lyrics [with English translation Duration: 6: 11. Persian Lyrics 88, 188 views.

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