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Entries with curro . current: current (English) Origin& history From Middle English curraunt, from Old French curant (French: courant), present participle of courre ( to run ), from Latin. currency: currency (English) Origin& history From Medieval Latin currentia, from Latin currens, from curr.Age: In use throughout the agesunknown Area: All or none Geography: All or none Frequency: Very frequent, in all Elementry Latin books, top 1000 words Source: Oxford Latin Dictionary, 1982 (OLD) curro latin translation

Need to translate curro from Latin? Here are 11 possible meanings.

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62 rows  Active Passive; Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive; Present; Singular 1: Curro:

38 rows curro translation in LatinEnglish dictionary. en 59. These same bishops were severe in reproving any lack of due reverence that might occur.

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Find currere (Verb) in the Latin Online Dictionary with English meanings, all fabulous forms& inflections and a conjugation table: curro, curris, currit, currimus, curritis, currunt

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