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Nov 30, 2005 The coming translation and commentary of the Qaseedah Burdah highlights the exalted status and perfections of Sayyidina Rasoolullah A. The virtues of Qaseedah Burdah are countless; some of its virtues and specialties which are written in the books are as under: For long life (blessings in life) recite Qaseedah Burdah for 1001 times.Dec 29, 2012  This love can only be achieved if we know and understand of the perfections and exalted status of Sayidina Rasuluallah Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam in the sight of Allah Taalaa. This translation and commentary of the Qasida Burdah, highlights the lofty status and perfections of Sayidina Rasuluallah Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam. qasida burda english translation

Translation of 'Burdah ()' by Mesut Kurtis (Mesut Kurti) from Arabic to English

Qasida burda english translation free

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Full text of Qasida Burdah with english Translation See other formats Anthology of Arabic poems About the Prophet and the faith of Islam Containing the famous poem of Sharfuddin Abi Abdullah Mohammed alBusiri d! litQl Qasidat aL)urdah he foem Of T e M an le Collected by Syed Mohiuddin Qadri Qasidat alBurda An Analogy of Arabic and Urdu Poems First edition 2008, Revision 1.

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