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Nomen est omen in English Nominative determinism ( ND ) is the hypothesis that a person's name can have a significant role in determining key aspects of job, profession or even character. Writing in 1953, Carl Jung gave the example of a food minister named Herr Feist ( Mr Stout ).Jun 29, 2011 In 2001, architect Rem Koolhaus (nomen est omen! ) was engaged to develop a master plan for the property that involved leveling most of the buildings and constructing a series of pavilions that would take the visitor chronologically through the collection, with different galleries illuminating different cultures' artistic contributions to that nomen est omen translation

Rex Gildo Lady Julia Nomen est omen [fnLatin proverb which means The name speaks for itself [fn that's what I've read Nomen est omen that's how it was for me Suddenly, I was so in love

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nomen est omen (Latin) Origin& history The origin of this saying is attributed to the Roman playwright Plautus. In his play Persa the slave Toxilus lures his owner, Dordalus, to buy an expensive slavegirl named Lucris ( profits ), saying, Nmen atque men quantvs iam est pret (The name and the omen are worth any price).

Jun 09, 2010 Answers. Nomen est omen. Literally Name is omen. . Implies that the name is fitting for the object or person. It's Latin NOT Greek. It means: A man's personality determines his fate. .

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Nomen est omen: Im Salon Venise mit seiner Schmuckdecke und der grosszgigen Fensterfront fhlt man sich in einen italienischen Palazzo versetzt. The name speaks for itself the Salon Venise with its decorated ceiling and generous window front feels like an Italian Palazzo.

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